Apple 1

San Bergmans' Projects Apple 1 Page - Amazing page that breaks down almost every circuit in the Apple 1.
Apple 1 Owner's Club - Good information and some sample software floating around here. The Apple 30th and Hello World came from here.
John Calande III's blog - Building the Apple I clone - Apple pre-history and emails from The Woz as well as information on cloning the Apple 1.

Local Archive - Files are in .txt format to be loaded through the keyboard (not the tape interface). With only 6 known working Apple 1s I am expecting you will be using a serial port or emulator to load these files. - Apple1Cassettes - Audio files to load fotware via tape interface. mirror - Miscellaneous software. This contains a mix of file types. Apple-1 Software.po is a ProDOS image for a CFFA1 card. I am working on getting hex txt files for all of these. The image came from this post. mirror - TXT loadable files mixed in with documentation. Available in the ftp folder in the local archive.
Verilog Apple 1 on an FPGA test files - These are included in the local archive. All are in text / keyboard format.

Apple 1js - An Apple 1 Emulator in JavaScript. This has some pre-configured loadable files in .js format. They are easy enough to convert to .txt (This is where most of the files in the local archive started from). The BASIC files are in hex. I may convert them back to ASCII at some point. Compare matrix-bas.txt to matrix-bin.txt.
Verilog Apple 1 on an FPGA - Runs on iCE40HX8K-B-EVN breakout, Terasic DE0, Digilent Spartan-3E Starter Board, Blackice II, Olimex iCE40HX8K with ICE40-IO, TinyFPGA B2, Upduino, and MiST.