Amateur Radio and the OLPC XO

The OLPC XO laptop is well suited for Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications use.

Amateur Radio Software for the XO

XO specific page
APRS-XO is is a tiny APRS implementation for the XO computer. It lets you report your position within the global APRS network, receive any incoming APRS messages and send any APRS messages or email.

XO specific page
Fldigi main page
Fldigi is a digital modem program. It supports CW, DominoEX-4,5,8,11,16,22, Feld-Hell, MFSK-4,8,16,22,31,32,64, MT-63, PSK-31,63,125,250, Olivia, RTTY, Thor-4,5,8,11,16,22, Throb-1,2,4, WWV, etc...

XO specific page
Xastir main page
Xastir is a much more robust APRS implementation than APRS-XO. Xastir supports maps, tnc's, gps's, weather station, etc.

XO specific page
Moon is a simple Lunar phase activity including upcoming Lunar eclipse information and effects. Moon is included in the 8.2.0 XO Software update. It is an extra download for 8.1.0 (first G1G1).

Amateur Radio

AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide - Over 6000 links to Amateur radio related pages.
The American Radio Relay League - The national association for Amateur Radio.


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The OLPC Wiki - Lots of Information here.
sugarlabs - Sugar is the interface used by OLPC's XO.

Programming on the OLPC

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Hacking Sugar
Sugar Almanac for Developers
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