PasswordCard @ Home


card.tar.gz (9k)
You found PasswordCard, you tried it out, you like it and now you want to seriously use it.
1: Go to Pepijn Schmitz's page and donate! Thank him for sharing his code!
2: Download card.tar.gz from this site.
3: Decompress it on a local web server and run it (requires PHP, Java Runtime, and fonts-freefont-ttf or similar).

Running this code locally prevents your card from being transmitted over the Internet. You can always reprint from in a pinch if you need to. The code generated on this website is not secure. Run it on your local machine.

Use a different key than the one you used during testing.

If your keyboard does not have the euro symbol € use one of the following:
` ~ ! ^ - _ = | ; : ' " , .

What does the passphrase option do?
PasswordCard requires a 16 digit hexadecimal number for the key. The passphrase option creates the key for you from a word or phrase that you might find easier to remember. An SHA256 hash is made from your passphrase and the first 16 characters of the hash are used as the key. There are many online utilities that can produce this hash for you.